Dr.R.Nithya, M.B.B.S.,M.S (O&G)., is an experienced surgeon specialising in the field of Cosmetic Gynaecology.

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Credence on expectations of clients, DHARANI COSMETIC CENTRE goes beyond Advanced remedies, to holistically rejuvenate and reinstate their health and wellness. Instead of myopically addressing the superficial appearance and generating temporary improvement, we provide customized treatments to comprehensively correct and repair their functions. This total approach is results driven, long lasting, and capable of successfully reversing even the most challenging of gynaecological as well the cosmetic conditions.

Dharani Cosmetic centre is founded by Dr.Nithya Ranganathan has been providing a 360° Holistic range of Cosmetic Gynaecology procedures towards enhancement of health care and wellness of women. We are expertised in rejuvenation and cosmetic restoration of intimate issues such that of vaginal looseness, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, breast sagging and uneven breast . We are specialised in treating the PCOS associated problems like obesity, acne, skin pigmentation, hairloss, diabetes, excess facial hair, heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, infertility, intimate health ( vaginal care and breast care treatments ), other dermatological issues through our customised treatment protocols maintaining high standards of safety, personalized care and patient privacy . As a whole , we are targeting and treating the systemic condition through our Holistic approach.

A strong emphasis is placed on preserving Your inherent architecture, so that treatment remains proactive rather than reactive.
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